How to present your home

How to present your home?

First impressions do count, so here are some ways in which you, the vendor, can show your home to its full potential.


  • Consider the approach to your home. Is the front garden (if you have one) neat and tidy with lawns cut and flower beds weeded. Have the pathways been swept lately, or could the front door use a lick of paint?


  • Wherever possible, tidy away all “clutter”. Why not start packing now, and store unnecessary belongings in boxes in storage cupboards, the garage or better still the loft.


  • Make small rooms appear bigger by removing any surplus furniture, storing as above (or with a friend!), or rearranging the furniture to create more space.


  • Unmade beds are always a bit of a turn-off so try to keep them made, especially if viewings may take place during the day while you are out of the house, or at short notice.


  • On a similar theme, toilet seats left up are definitely a “no-no” so endeavour to persuade the man and/or children of the house to close the toilet lid after use!


  • Finally, some well known ploys for successful house selling really do work so why not give some thought to arranging some strategically placed fresh flowers, keeping windows slightly open to keep the house well-aired, percolating some coffee and playing some melodic background music.



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